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Southside Wheely Wheelers Policy Statement.
Southside Wheely Wheelers is a cycling club based in
Kilmallock ,County Limerick, started in 2010, for the
promotion of cycling to both Adult and youth in the local
SWW endeavors to provide an environment of
enjoyment for its members whether beginners or seasoned
cyclists and to give everyone the opportunity to
participate in training with other members, participation
in organised Leisure Tours/Sportives, Adult & Youth
racing competition’s.
SWW cycling club is committed to safeguarding the
well being of its members. Every member of the cycling
club should, at all times, show respect and understanding
for members rights, safety and welfare and conduct
themselves in a way that reflects the principles of the club
and conform with the guidelines contained in Cycling
Ireland Code of Practice including the Code of Practice
and safeguarding procedures for young and Vulnerable
SWW cycling club is committed to provide an
environment that is safe for all its members, whether it is
Leisure, underage or competition and has the welfare of
participants at the forefront.
SWW recognises that it has a duty of care, to protect all
members and safeguard their welfare, irrespective of age,
gender, racial origin, religious belief and sexual identity.
SWW will endeavor to take all practicable steps to protect
its members from discernable forms of abuse, from harm,
discrimination or degrading treatment and shall respect
their rights, wishes and feelings.
Signature of Club Chairman
Patrick O’Donnell
SWW Club Chairman
March 2017

2021 Southside Wheely Wheelers Committee

Club Chairman Paul Gammell

Club Secretary Ger Finn

P.R.O. Jason Wright

Treasurer Anne Goggin

Committee Mags O’Gorman, Jaclyn Hargreaves.

2020 Southside Wheely Wheelers Committee

Club Chairman Paul Gammell

Club Secretary Ger Finn

P.R.O. Jason Wright

Treasurer Dave Daly

2017 Southside Wheely Wheelers Committee
 Club Chairman- Pat O’Donnell
 Vice Chairman-Owen Tobin
 Secretary –Edmund O’Reilly
 Assistant Secretary- Paul Gammell
 Treasurer-Ger Finn
 Assistant Treasurer-Dave Daly
 PRO- Paul Gammell
 Assistant PRO-Jaclyn Hargreaves & Liz Leonard
 Ladies Lead-Lorna Gammell
 Gear Manager- Michael Gammell
Southside Wheely Wheelers Procedures.
Club Membership:
 To participate in any club activities including
training and to be a committee member you
must be a fully paid up member with the club
and also a holder of a current cycling Ireland
 Club members who want to participate in
competition must hold a valid competition
license .
 When you become a club member of SWW you
have agreed to conform to all that is written in
the club Ethics, policy statement and
 SWW club committee reserves the right to
remove anyone from the club who has shown
evidence of bringing the club’s reputation into
question or has shown disregard to the club’s
ethics as set out in the SWW policy Statement.
Participating in club events (Incl. Training):
 You must be a fully paid up club member and
holder of a valid Cycling Ireland License.
 Must wear a cycling Helmet.
 Must ensure your bike is in good working
condition and fit for purpose.
 You understand and agree that you participate
in club events at your own risk, that you must
rely on your own ability in dealing with hazards
and that you must ride in a manner which is safe
for yourself and all others. In the interest of
your club colleagues and your safety when out
on public roads wear suitable and visible
clothing. Sww club gear to be worn on club training spins on Sunday cycling, Sww events, and all cycling events, Sww clothing is supplied for gents and ladies.
 You understand and agree that when riding on a
public highway you obey the rules of the road at
all times including obeying traffic lights,
stopping at junctions & no cycling on footpaths
& no crossing over the white line.
 You understand and agree that any movements
you make are of your own decision and are safe.
 You understand and agree that you risk assess
climate conditions and make appropriate
decision on what you wear and use to make
your journey safe and enjoyable before setting
out on your cycle. This includes taking into
account natural light not being adequate and
that you have appropriate Hi-Visibility clothing
and fit for purpose lighting.
 In the interest of everyone’s enjoyment you are
to maintain proper standard of Hygiene and
keep clothing fresh and clean.
 Lighting of bicycles in Ireland
If you wish to use a bicycle on a public road in
Ireland, your bicycle must be fitted with certain
reflectors and lamps to ensure that other road
users will see you. All bicycles used on public
roads are required to comply with the Road
Traffic (Lighting of Vehicles) Regulations 1963 as
All bicycles used on public roads in Ireland must
at all times display a rear reflector. A rear
reflector means a red reflector that can be
plainly seen for a distance of 99 meters (325
feet) to the rear when the headlights of a
vehicle shine directly on it.
During “lighting-up time”, that is, the period
beginning half an hour after sunset and ending
half an hour before sunrise on the following
morning, all cyclists are required to have fitted
(and make use of) the following lighting on their
 One front lamp
 One rear lamp
A front lamp means a lamp that is fitted to a
non-mechanically propelled vehicle showing to
the front a white or yellow light that is visible for
a reasonable distance.
A rear lamp is a lamp that is fitted to the rear of
your bicycle and when it is lit, showing a red
light that is visible for a reasonable distance.
Under SI 487 of 2009, since 14 December 2009 it
is legal to use flashing front and rear lamps.
Lamps do not need to be lit when stopped in
traffic or when a person wheels the bicycle on
foot as near as is possible to the left-hand edge
of the road.
Failure to use proper lighting on a bicycle is an
offence. If you are stopped by a member of the
Gardai, the Garda may take your name and
address, details about your bicycle and the time
and date of the offence. You may be given a
caution or you may be issued with a summons
to appear in court.
 Rights to demand name and address of cyclists
Under Section 108 of the Road Traffic Act 1961
as amended, a member of An Garda Síochána
(Irish police force) may demand your name,
address and date of birth if they suspect you
have committed any crime or offence. They may
also demand your name, address and date of
birth if they suspect you have been involved in a
collision or caused injury to property or
someone else. If you fail to give your name,
address or date of birth, or give a false name,
address or date of birth, the Garda may retain
your bicycle until they are satisfied as to your
 Members to ensure they have mobile phone
with them in case of emergency for themselves
or others.
 You agree that no liability what so ever shall
attach to the club, committee members or
fellow members in respect of injury, loss of
damage suffered by you or by reason of the
activity, however caused.
 All Cycling Ireland members have personal
accident and public liability insurance by virtue
of their membership of cycling Ireland. This
insurance will cover you when you are out
training or taking part in approved cycling
Ireland events. All incidents must be reported to
Club Secretary.
 Cycling Ireland &/or SWW club membership
does not cover any damage or theft of bicycles.
Participating in events organised outside of SWW club:
 All members to conform to all that it is set out in
SWW policy statement, club membership &
Participation in club events along with what is
set out by the organization holding the event.
Club guidelines for organising cycling events:
 All organizing and co-ordination of events under
the club name will be under the approval of the
appropriate SWW club committee.
 Club committee to ensure that the club has
endeavored in as much as is reasonably
practicable, satisfactory fulfilled all
requirements as set out in Cycling Irelands
“Events Guide” including completing risk
 Any cyclist under stress/illness who feels they
cannot continue or has an incident while out in
club run i.e training must be accompanied home
by two club member’s or arrange for a family
member to come and meet/collect that person
or for a more serious incident contact the
Gardai and emergency services.. Both cyclists
must remain with that person until the family
member has come and collected that person. or
Emergency services have arrived.
 No youth under the age of 16 to be allowed to
cycle with the adult club unless accompanied by
a parent.
Club guidelines for organising underage cycling
events (Including Training & Youth cycling racing Club) :
 Club guidelines for organizing a club event
 Any youth without any of the following will not
be allowed to participate:
A) Not a club member
B) Not a Cycling Ireland valid license holder
C) No cycling helmet
D) Bicycle not safe or fit for purpose
E) No consent form signed by the parent.
 All coaches and parents to be given a copy of
the cycling Ireland Code of Practice and
safeguarding procedures for youth and
vulnerable Cyclists.
 Coaches to conform and implement the “The
coaches code of ethics” as set out in Cycling
Ireland –Foundation Level Coach Manual-page
 Youth members to abide all as set out in
previous headings include treating coaches with
respect and follow guidance given by coaches
for their own safety while out cycling.
 No club youth event to start unless there is a
minimum of four adults in attendance of which
two off must be Gardai vetted club members.
Only exception is if every youth in attendance
has a parent present or an approved relation
who the parent must notify the club of prior to
the event then one Gardai vetted club member
is sufficient.
 No youth to be accompanied or be in the
presence of one club member or one adult at
any one time.
 All youth participating in the SWW youth racing
club must be 10yrs of age or over.
 Signed written parental consent must be in
place from a parent along with signed signature

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